Sunday, October 11, 2009

ear's lookin at you

One of the concepts on which we work with Baxter is a thing called "wait". A piece of kibble is unexpectedly dropped to the floor, and Baxter must patiently wait until he is given the okay to eat it. Most of the time, he does pretty well, but like any exuberant doxie he sometimes needs to be reminded of what it means to keep his impulses in check.

If only humans were so easy.

I have learned much about doxies since they first entered my life so many years ago, but I have learned even more about humans because of them. Hardly a human alive can resist the urge to pet a doxie, hardly an adult or child won't smile when they see a doxie just going about his daily business. Some human behaviors like these around doxies are universal, while some are very mixed.

Baxter's dad has a thing for unflapped doxie ears, or more specifically, he has the irresitible desire to fix them so they're flapped back over, all back to nice and brown to hide the naked pinkness within. Every post is really for my dear husband, but today's post is especially so.

Wait, my love, wait. :)


holykowkirby said...

Hard to tell which Baxter wants more: getting his ear unflapped or getting the kibble! Very adorable :)

inc123 said...

I have a thing for the flipped over ears- theirs "sports model" ears. When my doxies flip their ears, it is usually romping or hunting in the garden. Or maybe just looking extra cute. I love it.
I think my mailman is scared silly of little Polly. She is intent on keeping him out of the yard & will not be persuaded that he lacks evil intent. Postmen are exempt from the everybody loves a doxie rule...

Tulip Frolics said...

Beautiful picture.

Alicia said...

We call this look "broken ear", and we'll say something like, "Hey Oskar, fix your broken ear!" Sometimes he flips the flap over the top of his head and it looks like some little triangle shaped hat. A very funny look.

Baxter, that is a clean ear you've got there!


Lorenza said...

My mom know exactly what you mean!
Baxter, you look adorable in that picture!
Kisses and hugs

cheyne923 said...

When both of Jeeves ears flip back he looks like Yoda. And BTW, I still can't get over how much Jeeves and Baxter look alike. Long nose, same size ears, same age--both handsome! Melinda

Erin and her Dogs said...

LOL Texas's ears NEVER stay flipped right side up, when he runs they flip, when he plays they flip, and then they don't un-flip, which drives my sister crazy cause she doesn't like seeing them so. ;)

Bludog said...

Molly will sport the one-ear-up look when she wants to appear especially rakish and jaunty. It seems like the canine equivalent of wearing one of those Australian bush hats to me.