Saturday, February 13, 2010

testing testing 123

For a few months now I've had the the back of my mind a burning desire to find a widget that would expand on the concept of a survey, that would allow friends to type comments, in response to all the little kielbasa's burning questions that he seems to have in life. Something I could put in the sidebar so it could stick around for a while, collecting input at everyone's leisure, just like the survey.

I couldn't find anything that fit the bill, til I ran across this whole Facebook Fan Page thing. Minutes of tinkering later, my little boyfriend now has his own fan page.

Now, I am the last person in the world to become a fan of anything in Facebook. Like my multipurpose camera/mp3 player/organizer/cell phone that I only use to make phone calls, I know I don't use Facebook to its full potential and I encourage others to be equally disengaged. But I became intrigued by the discussion page feature, which at first glance seems to fit the bill of what I wanted for open input survey questions.

So if you're game and have a facebook account, feel free to test it out, cuz I literally have no idea what really works and what doesn't. Off to the sidebar, you'll see a question, and an icon that looks like this

Click the icon, and leave your answer with the appropriate discussion topic. Voila! And if you are so inclined, do share links or pics of your pup on the home page. I know we all want to see!!


Alli and Frankie said...

Going to check it out w/my FB page. I looove FB. It's a huge time sucker and it's horrible how much time I waste on it. So, yeah, I'll be Baxter's biggest fan. lol!

kalyxcorn said...

coolio! i'm still noodlin about what else to do over there. it seems a little redundant, what blog feed and all. but I figure it would be a good place for friends to share their stuff because the blog itself isn't set up for that.

Elizabeth said...

yay! I love FB. Some people have it set up so that when they update their blog it also updates on FB. Not sure how that's done. I think Baxter should Tweet. He probably has very interesting things to say, no?

Lorenza said...

I have a FB page but I really don't know how it works!
What I know is that FB takes time and I prefer to blog!
Kisses and hugs

kalyxcorn said...

yeah I think I have that set up with the networked blog feature. tweet? oh boy all you'd hear him say is "somebody give me rawhide", all day long! :)

I hear u Lorenza about the facebook. it can certainly take up waaay too much time and I would rather read about you in the blog!! :)

Twix said...

Gosh! I am just like Lorenza. My mom made a FB page and has never done one thing with it.....she says she doesn't know how or what to do....and she isn't even blonde ;o)

angie said...

not on fb :( i would never get off the computer.