Sunday, April 3, 2011

me likey dat: my still life

Yippee! A new happy doxie painting for tiny chumley's collection arrived from myfavoritethingsartstudio in the mail this past week.  A piece of art I found on Etsy that is an almost exact match to the look we often get when the little kielbasa yearns for a snackie or just wants to know when things will get more interesting, so he can decide whether or not he should hunker down for a nice snooze in the sun.

I suspect this won't be the last painting we receive from this Etsy artist.  A fellow dacshund owner, myfavoritethingsartstudio also does custom work, and so I have been racking my brains thinking about which picture I might well commission her to turn into acrylic and canvas gold.  Decisions decisions. 

Of course, from tiny chumley's perspective, the answer is very clear. why not have her paint me with a half finished giant rawhide, mom?  and of course since we do not have any giant rawhide bones i guess u will have to get me one and when i am half done i will let u know and u can take a picture of me, okay? but i think i need a practice bone first.  just to make sure i get it right, so let's go to the store today and get a couple three or four or more. i can even help u carry them. :)


Kerri said...

Very cute! And good look with the rawhides, B!

Btw, the place where I painted my pear (near Five Points) also does a pet night, where you can email them a picture of your pet and they sketch it out for you and you do the painting.

Taylor Lynn said...

Don't you love pet portraits? I got one of my "puppy" (ahem, fourteen or so year old dog ;) Gertie last Christmas... though a bit less modern-looking than that one! Etsy has a lot of options! And I'm glad I have a pet portrait now, since we don't have Gertie anymore...

Max the Quilt Cat said...

Baxter.... I'm learning so much from you. You are truly the master of the art of getting your way... Love it. Let's make that an even 6 rawhides.

pawhugs, Max

kalyxcorn said...

ooh cool miss kerri! :)

oh yes, i do love pet portraits, miss taylor lynn, and etsy! i would like to see your portrait of gertie sometime. i bet she was the cutest 14 year old pet puppy! :)

hee hee, max, well so long as we are getting six, maybe we should get a baker's dozen, don't u think? :) b

Taylor Lynn said...

Actually, I posted a picture of the portrait on my blog not long ago! Gertie was old and kind of sick, so we had to put her down... so I did a post about her. You can see the portrait at the top of this post:

Lorenza said...

Sure the doggie looks like you Baxter!
Hmmm... I hope you get all the giant rawhide bones you want... I mean... for practice purposes, right?
Kisses and hugs

Jordan said...

This is just adorable!! The artist did a fantastic job! Last Christmas I got a pet portrait of my hamster, Pippin :) Not by this same person, but it's amazing!!