Tuesday, February 21, 2012

tiny snowman

hee hee hee, okay lil pink puppy, methinks u have it from here but come get me when u r ready 2 make it yellow and hurry bcuz i have been holding it 4ever!

- baxter, 5.1 years old, on taking a break from building a snow fort with duk duk to help lil pink puppy make his first snowman ever. :)


Alicia said...

I am so amazed at all the tings that you can do without an opposable thumb! Although I'm sure that the little bit of shredding on lil pink puppy's ear was done with your pearly whites and not your paws.

Speaking of pearly whites, I'm having a Dental today, so I hope to have clean, white teeth by this afternoon!


kalyxcorn said...

ooo good luck with your dental oskar! my mom is hoping 2 finish your dud today so now your teeth will be pearly white just like the stripes on your new dud! and uh, miss alicia, me dunno how lil pink puppy got his ear like that. :)

Jasper + Amy said...

What a good friend you are, Baxter!! I'm sure lil pink puppy had lots of fun building his first snowman, did you ever get to make it yellow for him??

How did yours & duk duks snow fort turn out??


Jeanne said...

Did someone take a tiny nibbley-poo of the snowman's nose? I'm sure it was lil pink puppy, if so!

Lovable Lily said...

Great job building the snowman B! Did lil pink puppy help you with it? You both look so beautiful in the snow.

Lily Belle

Anonymous said...

what a biiiig snowman for such a tiny lill pink puppy!
baxter looks amazing in his anorak.
sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Otto is jealous! He loves the snow but all we've been getting here is rain.

Looks like somebody's been doing a "Mike Tyson" on lil pink puppy's ear! B - your mom is going to have to show you how to use her sewing machine so that the ear can be mended!!


Anonymous said...

Snowman? With that orange beak, more like a SnowDuk!

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee thank miss amy n jasper. and unfortunately no bcuz i could not hold it any longer and so instead me n duk duk had a yellow fort and let's just say we had to vacate the premises kinda quick after that if u know what i mean. :)

hee hee miss jeanne, yeah u know me! :

thank u lily belle.i hope your paw is feeling better now!! :)

thank u anni! me thought at first i looked goofy but it was so warm it hardly mattered! :)

the snow did not last very long unfortunately miss siol. and there was not nearly enough of it 4 me to go hunting like last year. but it was still fun! lil pink puppy said he likes his ear that way bcuz it makes him look different than all the other lil pink puppies in his class. :)

hee hee, funny u should mention that mistermiss anonymous cuz me gots a few pictures where our snowman looks very dukky! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice snow pup Baxter!
Did your pinky friend get frost-bite on it's ear?
Looks like an owie.
Have a fun day! I've never been in the snow - I bet it's lots of fun!

- Hildy

Anonymous said...

Baxter - soooo handsome and such a well fitted snowsuit. Did Mommy make that for you. She is so good on the super duper dud maker machine. You are always outfitted so well.
Here in Arizonie we don't need super duds like yours. It is supposed to be 78˚ today. We or um, I, Ali, get to go nakey most of the time. Most nights when it is cool Mom just stuffs me in her sweatshirt.


Kaunis Nelli said...

What a cute picture and your coat looks really warm. We have so much snow that I would gladly give some to you :)

kalyxcorn said...

well hildy, the snow is even funner when there is a lot of it cuz then u can find stuff under trees and well, u know. :)

hello miss marene and ali and no can u believe my mom lucked out and found it at home goods? i was so glad it snowed because i got it for christmas and i was worried a whole year was going 2 go by without me being able 2 use it. :)

oh yes please, some more snow would be nice - a lot so i can make a nice yellow sno cone for duk duk!!! i hope u r staying warm too pretty nelli! :)