Tuesday, July 3, 2012

dapper doxie duds: Bucky Badger Bucky Jumpers

Buck-a-buck-a-roooooooooo!  It's Bucky Badger time, it's Bucky Badger time! Hee hee hee, hello my friends, it is me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter reporting to you today about the swell Bucky Badger dud my mom finished for my friend Linus.

Now, I have never really heard of this Bucky Badger fella, and I don't really know what badgers sound like, but he looks like he might sound like the kind of guy u do not want to cross, even if he buckadoodleroos if you know what I mean.  So, I think this Bucky guy probably has a lot of enemies and if a Bucky Badger friend does not live under Bucky's protection close to home in the faraway Land of W, well, then Bucky Badger friend like Linus might need to be subtle about showing his support for Bucky Badger.  Which is why mom says Linus's dud on the outside is a subdued, refined statement of Bucky affection while the inside is all I LOVE BUCKY BADGER!  And I don't know about you, but I LOVE HIS SNACKIE POCKET! Whoops, sorry, that was just my tummy talking, and even though I have a few more pounds to lose..boy is it telling me to..so hard to resist...okay okay...


Oh salmon crunchiezzz. They smell so terriffic!  Um, this is (crunchy crunch) Baxter, your roving (crunch) rover reporter, wishing you (crunchy crunch crunch) a fond - whoops, didn't mean to spit crumbs on you - (crunch crunch gulp) bucka buckaroo!  :)

ps - Linus I hope you love your new dud and please say hi to Ike and send my best healing regards to  Otto :) :) <3


Anonymous said...

OOOOOhhhhh - Linus can't wait!!!!
Mr. B - you should give a little background story to this DDD - Linus' parents were U of Wisconsin alums (undergrad and med school, mascot is Bucky Badger). And since dachshunds are "badger dogs" (rough translation, I think), it was only appropriate that Linus get a "Badger" DDD!

Otto ate most of his staples (!!) but is back to good health (and appetite). He's got a sexy scar now - definitely 'pirate-like'


Lovable Lily said...

Another fine job by your Mom. We just know that Linus will love his new dapper duds. Please remember to refill the pocket for him.

Lily Belle

kalyxcorn said...

o i am so glad to hear he is doing well miss siol. and i wonder how tasty the staples were if u get a chance to ask him.. :)

hee hee thank u lily belle and i will try to remember but me not sure if he is on a special diet so u know, i helped him with the snackies mom put in the pocket. :0