Sunday, December 16, 2012

goodbye my friend

I know our existence in this world would not be as rich or meaningful were it not for the crises and events that wound our hearts and give us reason to pause, but such knowledge hardly gives comfort in times such as these when we lose the ones we love.  Today, condolences to all those affected by loss this year, including hugs for a very special friend.

mom, for reading practice, may we read about german shepherds today?  because even though molly's brother max is gone,  and even though he was a very big dog, i think i would really like to remember him.  ♥


Bludog said...

Thank you for remembering Max.

Willy the Wiener Dog said...

Baxter, Max was a beauty! My closest friend...well, sister actually, is a German Shepherd too. They are such great doggies--handsome, loyal, protective, distinguished, glorious, and some other words I don't know yet. Mom and dad love our German breeds! RIP Max, you look like such a nice guy; one I would have liked to get to know. <3
Willy the Wiener Dog

docsdox said...

RIP Max. my dad's first dog was a big ole' german shepherd - i wish i could have met him, but i think he may have had me for a snack!



Kerri said...

So sorry for Max's family's loss. Hope he had a peaceful journey to the Bridge.