Tuesday, January 22, 2013

co-presidential inauguration day

...and that concludes the second inauguration of me and duk duk as co-presidents of toyfriend club!

now for the fun we've all been waiting for - the unveiling of our official co-president portrait, soon to be hung in the toyfriend club foyer hall of fame but temporarily hung here now so we could, u know, all see it.

ready?  everybuddy foofie roll please!

(pfweet! foo! blap blap blap blap! ssssssss! squeeek! bup bup bup! pfwooo!)

whoops, looks like chocobot forget his gas mask but he can see it later so okay, everybuddy r u ready? cuz here drops the curtain! 


(hee hee, u did a wonderful job with our commissioned portrait,  miss amy of amy's portaits on etsy . thank u very much ! :) :)


Lizzy said...

Three cheers for Baxter and Duk Duk, they will be outstanding co-presidents.

Lisa Walsh said...

You guys are so cute! i love your portrait!

Jeanne said...

Love the portrait!

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee thank u lizzy n miss lisa and miss jeanne! :)

Doxie Rod said...

this is so cool! can't believe baxter is looking at the painting. hilarious!