Tuesday, April 30, 2013

dapper doxie duds: fun for a girl not a boy

Hello my friends it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter!  Well okay, THAT's not me, that's my friend Tilly! 

You know, my friend Tucker's sister.  Tucker the LSU fan? And lucky for Tucker she is his sister otherwise I am sure he would be all cootied up by now, if this picture their mom sent is any indication of how well they get along.

Anyhoo, I am sure u noticed that Tilly is a little nakey nakey and that's because she has been waiting for a nice new dapper doxie dud. Wonk-waaaaah.  But she does not have to wait anymore because hooray, looky at what my mom just finished!  Yup, Tilly's very first dud is made from a sweet and soothing smoky blue and taupe gingham cotton and it is embellished with happy rick rack and super spring summery cherry blossom trim and a snackie pocket complete with a hand beaded button and ribbon flower!  Super cool right?  For a girl I mean...

...well, even though it is really comfortable and fits me pretty well, and oh it is so nice and warm on the bed here in the sun and (yawn)..this is the first time the sun has come out in like, hours, so I um...excuse me for a minute - mooom, can u please take tilly's dud off me so i can take a nappy poo, and maybe do a little tummy tan-...what? okay okay i will finish my report first but then can u please take this off and..no it's duk duk's turn to do that i did it yesterday! okay okay let me finish here first ...so anyhoo my friends, I hope you enjoyed this peekypoo at Tilly's new duds. This is Baxter your sleepy roving rover reporter wishing you a very toot-teriffic Tuesday! :)


Tucker said...

Um, Baxter, I think you were REALLY in need of a nap! Tilly is the chocolate girl. Percy is our new younger brother, a black and tan boy. I am the sable long haired and not in the pictures at all. LOL I think you should tell your mom that it's time for more naps and less AstroPoopyPhysics homework! But you were certainly correct about the part where we all do really get along and play well together! And Percy will be wanting a dud before too long... he will be having his first birthday soon (and I am tired of sharing my LSU dud!) My mom LOVES the dud and can't wait to get TIlly into it!! xoxo Tucker

Charlotte said...

Baxter was too busy "looking behind the word" on his newer pictures! hahahah