Monday, April 22, 2013

frenchy fries

dear diary,
one day, i hope to know what a whole frenchy fry tastes like.  but in the meanwhile, i will be happy take what i can get.  even if it is just a eenty weentsy ladybug sized teeny tiny piecey of potato from the inside of one. bcuz they are that tasty.  mmm frenchy fries...

oh, the rest of my sunday was swell too, but i will have to tell u about it another day. :) :)

b. :)


Anonymous said...

oooh,this looks teasty!
i had a whole fry one day ,when momma dropped it from her plate and i was faster than her in cleaning up.
from this day on i am watching her taking every single bite,in case , one day,she will drop one again,hehe
one little boy can dream!
have a great week
sammy,the foxbrother

Jane said...

Baxter boy is in bliss! :)

Kerri said...

Pssst, B, let's do lunch and you can sit on my side of the table.