Wednesday, July 24, 2013

dapper doxie duds: lucy & nikki :)

Happy little doxie duds to share today, a second set made for the lovely little Nikki and her big sister Lucy.  I babbled on forever in yesterday's blog post, and the little kielbasa seems fixated on his  multi-social network campaign to name the new royal baby boy  Georgopotamus Poopsarexall Jaminicakes Jones Mountbatten-Windsor, nickname him Twinkie, so these pictures, I hope, are worth the thousand words we will spare you today. :)

Nikki,  Snoopy cotton tee overlay with water repellant treatment, french bound in purple plaid. For skippy summer days hiking on dusty rocky paths in the mountains.

Lucy, blue/green/black pieced dud with jacquard ribbon trim, water repellant treatment, and sterling silver and pearl embellishment.  Hand dyed corduroy, batik, and cotton print.  Because being an outdoorsy girl doesn't mean you have to be a frou frou girl. :)

heyyyy - mom, wait!  i know you are too young to read this Twinkie my friend, but if you happen to get named some boring ol thing today like the royals seem to always do by taking the same five names and just jumbling them up a bit, know that i tried my best, lil tiny buddy. 

long live his tiny highness prince georgopotamus poopsarexall jaminicakes jones mountbatten-windsor of cambridge!


Lovable Lily said...

Hey Baxter,
We think that maybe your Mom should make Twinkie a harness as a welcome to the world gift. I bet they would really appreciate it!

Nikki and Lucy are just gonna LOVE their new dud's. They are REALLY beautiful!

Lily Belle & Muffin