Sunday, September 29, 2013

dapper doxie duds: pretty in pink and orange

hee hee okay, lulu the tiger,  go tell mom i am going take the curlers out of my hair now and then we can start taking pictures of gingi's dud, okay?

and remember, if u see duk duk and he asks u where i am, tell him i am still at pupscouts and will meet him by the creek at eleventy oh five sixxy seven eight past twelven. 

what?? u know, when the big hand is on the three and the little hand is on the ten.

no, it does not matter where the skinny long hand is. that one just keeps going for some reason and never stops. unless u have to change the batteries.  hey, can u just get mom already? pretty ain't gonna last all day here.

hee hee, poor gunther.  i bet his sister gingi stinks like all girls do.  and by stink i mean the kind that makes u want them to stand over there. like, yucky purple flower stink, not super awesome poopie stink.  only, i guess gunther's lucky at least that gingi is his sister, otherwise goodness knows how cootied up he would get. i mean, it's not like he could get her to stand over there for say a family portrait or something.  i mean, she is family n all. and families should stick together, cooties and stink n all, especially when they are wearing such wonderful duds as....oh, hello mom, i was just thinking to myself what a wonderful dud u made for gingi!  well, shall we begin? this should be pretty quick - i think i have my poses all worked out!

 just give me one second to think of what i am going to say...

okey dokey let's go!

Why hello my friends, it's me, Baxter, your roving rover reporter, reporting to you today on the super pretty dud my mom just finished for my friend and Gunther's sister, Gingi!  Gingi wanted something pink and orange and super pretty with a removable skirt and everything, so I thought I would take you through some of the pretty detail work on this dud, because, well the pretty pink and orange damask fabric you can already see, right?

 Here on my back u will see a lovely peter pan collar, slimming seam lines, and just a hint of orange picot edged ribbon peeking out from the pretty pink button detailed spine for texture and richness.


And moving on to the right side of my back, here is a pretty flower my mom made from hand dyed silk satin, freshwater pearls, and iridescent glass seed beads.  Can you guess the secret that this flower is hiding?

Well my friends, if you guessed that the flower is removable, then you guessed right! I saw mom do a lot of hand stitching to make sure everything still conformed the way it should and I think it turned out nicely, dontchoo?

And here are the many layers of swishy pink and orange tulle underneath Gingi's removable skirt.  I like the way it peeks out and says, "Hey, I'm tulle and I'm pink and orange and I'm here to make things poufy!".  I also think that tulle being kind of netty n all, that it might help contain any cooties Gingi might have. Oh, sorry mom, I mean, sorry Gingi.  If u stink I am sure it is not all that bad and if you have cooties I am sure u cannot help it on account of being a girl and all.  And no matter what I know you will still look pretty in this dress because looky....

even I look good in it and I'm a stinky boy!

(Hee hee, don't worry Gingi, I will de-boy stink it for you before my mom sends it off).  Well okey dokey that is my report for today and I hope you enjoyed it very much. And I hope Gingi really really likes her happy new dud!! This is Baxter your roving rover reporter wishing you the super duper Sunday!! :)


Sharon O said...

Baxter . . . loving your coy head turn over your shoulder. Did you take lesson's from some stinky little girl? Mom's pretty talented with a needle and thread isn't she?

Lisa Stock said...

Absolutely gorgeous Baxter as are so amazing, I came across your You Tube video yesterday showing off your dancing moves...I think I might be in love (dont tell Mr. Weenie & Ranger Danger - my hotdogs). I am curious how much these "dapper doxie duds" normally run? The harnesses are awesome and look like they can hold up to almost anything a dox can put it through. Keep up the good work and maybe you can wink in one of your pics someday for all the adoring lady fans you have ♥

Anonymous said...

Baxter you do such a good job modeling your Mom's fine designs. You could be like one of those models on Top Model or something. Maybe you should write to Heidi Klum. I bet she likes nice doxies like you.
B & Wally

Taffy said...

Baxter, that dud fits you perfectly and you look quite handsome modeling it! Hope you had a great weekend!