Wednesday, October 2, 2013

dapper doxie duds: smells like team spirit

mom, i know it is going to be really fun to model this supercool dud that tucker n tilly's mom ordered for tilly, but, are u for really really sure that cheerleaders do not wear football helmets??

- baxter, 6.8 years old, excited to be modeling a happy dud for tucker's sister tilly, but slightly disappointed to find out that cheer pom poms and football helmets are not interchangeable accessories. :)

Tilly: LSU cheerleader dud with embroidered patch, pieced poly ponte purple and gold overlay with gold and white trim, and removable pleated cheer skirt.


Lynn Coleman said...

Such beautiful work, B. Your mom is almost as amazing as you !!

Cassie said...

Love, love, love!!!

Marley said...


Cassie said...

I loved seeing this!! And Tilly still proudly wears her cheerleader dud!!!