Wednesday, March 5, 2014

come bake here :)

Even though tiny chumley's little miss neighbor friends are busy with their new puppy, I've noticed the little misses have also been visiting tiny chumley more frequently lately.  Mostly I'd gather because sharing isn't always easy when there is only one leash to hold, and because sometimes a puppy needs to take a well deserved nap.  Ipso facto hello Baxter.

I used to be apprehensive about visits from the little misses, concerned that my crafty wonderland held its share of dangerous but very tempting things to touch like razor edged scissors and drills and torches and bits of metal and glass, and feeling after they had left that our house had been infiltrated by cute but very cunning candy pocketing gremlins.  I couldn't have been more wrong of course.  It was me, mostly.  Acting under the false impression that our little guests were meant to be obliged in their every desire and whim, when in fact they are children who need guidance and boundaries, as much as little four legged boys do.

So nowadays, when someone or sometwo come over, besides visiting with tiny chumley, there are things for them to do, some of them helpful work related things like stamping my etsy return address envelopes upside down topsy turvy, and others to bide the time in peaceful fashion, like drawing as little miss julia did on a makeshift table while I worked away on other things in the garage, while tiny chumley baked in my car in the driveway, all of us soaking in the sun that warmed our afternoon to a pleasant shorts wearing kind of Sunday.

This coming weekend, hopefully the little kielbasa and his new puppy friend will get a chance to play together now that she has gotten all her shots. 


But until then, all a little boy patiently sit by the front window and wait. :)


Lisa Stock said...

I just love Baxters ears on the "Gime" drawing. They are all super awesome and cant wait to see many more :D

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this thoughtful post. Your words are so touching and insightful and as a mother of two I only wish I had a neighbor like you who undoubtedly is making a life long good impression on some young ones. Just imagine what a magical place your home must be for them! You are sowing seeds of creativity, responsibility and love to the little misses every time you interact with them. Baxter will teach them so much, too and they will remember their time with you always. Thanks for sharing this with us and also for your patience with the little ones.

Dawn and Wishy

Henry said...

At first I thought you might have been exploring a new style of drawing...maybe because of the logo and the lighting and the background.