Wednesday, March 19, 2014

fun for a girl or a boy: ezpz doxie tube sweater makeyproject

Yesterday while goofing around upstairs,  tiny chumley and I stumbled across a simple and easy way to keep him warm when George or a heat vent isn't nearby. Behold the ensausage-free ezpz cashmere twisty tube sweater! It's really just tube, formed from the cut body of a thrift store cashmere sweater.  Big enough to slide on to his midsection, then twisted once on his back and fed back over his head so that it covers his neck in a snug but not too snug way.  Think of it as forming a figure eight, with one hole filled by his midsection, the criss cross resting on his back, and the other hole filled with his head.  Futz a little with all the folds and twists of the sweater so that it covers the back and chest and such, and voila, an i-made-it-in-two-minutes happy little doxie sweater guaranteed not to hinder movement or trap little forepaws in an unfortunate ensausagification incident.

If you're inspired to follow through or have questions, please feel free to ask or send/link me your results! The little kielbasa wore his all day yesterday so needless to say his is a more than little rumpled up and throughout the day i refutzed to keep things smooth, but I love how toasty he felt when it finally came time to take it off, and I have a feeling he loved how toasty he was in it. :)   

PS - don't worry - thift store cashmere is your friend! go ahead and treat the cashmere as you would a cotton tee - no special handwashing necessary. I just throw ours in the washing machine, and if I remember, I put it on wool cycle, but even when I forget, cashmere turns out fine.  The fibers are soft and smooth enough so that there isn't quite the felting action (and therefore shrinkage) as there is with rougher wools.  :)

PPS - more helpful info added below.



Lovable Lily said...

We love how you look in your new twisty sweater Baxter. Very cool!

Just remember that when the sweater is washed to take it off the dog first. ha ha ha ha ha.

Lily Belle & Muffin

Anonymous said...

Can you make just one simple sketch, or just give us a pic of the empty garment? My Max really needs one of these twisty sweaters!

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee, yeah u know it lilybelle n muffin. no extra bath for me!

sure mister miss anonymous - i will try and do it after school today and update the posty :) it really is just like a tube top cuz u cut off the body of the sweater, cutting from arm pit to arm pit. the trick is finding the right size sweater or sewing the tube smaller and narrower if need be (i am a small standard and mom thinks it was a ladies size small sweater so no sewing required for me).

kalyxcorn said...

okey dokey i added pictures mistermiss anonymous! :)

Marie Anonymous said...

Thanks! That is going to be so very helpful and many tiny chumleys(including my Max) will be warmer because of you. It's Miss Marie Anonymous. :)

Bludog said...

If it's too large, an additional twist (or two) might remedy that. Baxter looks wonderfully fashionable in this!

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee miss marie anonymous, mom says she came home today and i looked like spartacus cuz they got a little rolled up. but she fixed it :)

ooh a very good idea miss bludog!! :)

Anonymous said...

Another idea worthy of Etsy? You creative people are so wonderful. Where would the world be if not for the way you see and dream things. I do feel you either have it or you don't. I can follow instructions. I have logic and reason....but creativity
I can put on a bandage. You would put on a bandage and then color it or something.
So glad you and B are in the world.
Made any more boxes? See...there's another example. I'm still stuck on boxes, you are on to the next creative venture.

pugfish said...

To make the warmest of sweaters use pure wool sweaters and felt them in washer! Use hot water cycle. Felted material is the warmest and best for sweaters for weiners!