Saturday, April 12, 2014

yesterday i went to the hardware store :)

oooh goody, i smell cow poopie.  are we at a farm maybe? no wait, i smell flowers, and mulch, and hmmmm...power tools!  i know where we are! i wonder if they still have the tiny hot tub and the shiny disco lights that me and duk duk want to install in our back-...what? why, yes, mom i promise to stay in the cart and be very good.

be vewy quiet. this is not the dachshund u are looking for. i am not in this cart. u do not see me.  u do not smell me. this cart is empty. there is nothing but dirt and stinky flowers in this cart...and soon i hope some cherry tomato plants. but u will not see those either...move along. there is nothing 2 see here. 

hee hee hee, choo chooooo! chooo chooo! all checked out and ready to board the P & S Poopie Snake Express! next stop the pet store and then if i am lucky, the chikky fil-a! chooo choooo! chugga chugga, chugga chugga - choo choooo!

okay, mom, if u just leave the cart here i will load everything for u and if u want, i can even take us to our next stop! well, i mean after we stop by school to pick up r2duk2 and 3lulu-poopCO. and chocobacca and princess pinkpuppy.  chooo chooo! :) :)