Friday, May 30, 2014

etsy fresh: a super cool gift for 5 lucky dads

Hee hee hee, hello my friends, it's me, Baxter.  You may know me as your roving rover reporter, but did you know I am also super shop assistant extraordinaire for my mom's Etsy shop? And did u know that Father's day is only three Sundays away? 
If u do not have time to make your dad a super secret stinkeriffic poopie based father's day present like I plan to, then why not check out my mom's Etsy shop, where not only will you find a lovely selection of Father's Day cards, but also a super cute new get well cootie card, and also these extremely cool tiny handmade wire doxie head forms, or busts as I learned u call them in art class.  I thought they would be great Father's day presents for five lucky dads, so I put them in the Father's day section of the shop.  Here is a link in case the hot links do not work.

Oh! And in every bust listing description, me and duk duk posted a link to the tiny viney videos we made of each bust like the one below,  because sometimes we figure, even though pictures are worth a thousand words, videos are worth like, eleventy million!  And this way u can see how super cool the busts are from every angle.

Well my friends, my friends Madwilly and Henry Gumption are coming to town this weekend so I just wanted to also say if I miss a day or two posting, u now know why.  But do not worry, I will still be helping mom ship out Etsy orders on time.  And I will be having lots of fun this weekend, like I hope u do.. This is Baxter your roving rover reporter and kalyxcraftopia Etsy shop assistant, wishing you the foofiest of Fridays. :)

PS - if u need for a happy hound birthday part hat really soony soon please convo me via the etsy shop because mom just finished a batch for boys and girls but they will not be posted to Etsy for a bit on account of all the fun I will be having with Madwilly and Henry Gumption. :)