Friday, June 27, 2014

dapper doxie duds: the lion poops tonight

 do not worry mom, me and duk duk have got this so please, feel free to go outside and help henry gumption with all the yard work that still needs to be done. and, i bet u we will be done sooner than u can say peter pooper pooped a pile of poopy poopers! 

okay i love u too, bye mom. 

hee hee, my puppy friend frankie junior sure is tiny. i hope i can get this thing to stay on for more than just a few...


hwuuuuuuuuuuup! okay duk duk - hurry and take the picture before it..



..pops open. hee hee, oh well, i guess i am too big to fit frankie's super cool dud. now we will have to go to plan b.

(shuffle shuffle, shuffle shuffle, fweep foo fwobble!)

beedy beedy beedy. i. am. frankie.  junior... puppy. robot. lion... take. me. to. your. pooper... beedy beedy beedy...duk. duk. i. think. we. are. done. here...beedy beedy about. we. play. another. game. now...beedy beedy beedy.


hee hee, last one to the creek is a rotten poopie snake! :)