Monday, September 1, 2014

my new friend hank :)

dear diary,
today i finally got to meet lulu's mom's new puppy and my new doxie puppy friend, hank! hank is now twelve weeks old and weighs five pounds and needless to say he is a real squeebert and neither of us could stay still long enough for pictures, so i decided to show you some videos from our first brunchmas playdate, which i figured u might want to see again and again and again so i posted them as viney videos.  all in all we had a lot of fun and the little misses came over and held him and everything! next time we visit together i think i will ask mom if she will make me a shark proof body suit because, well, let's just say that puppy teeth? well they are a whole lot sharper than u would think they are. especially when they are latched on to u like a crab on a finger, or in my case, a puppy on your neck meat.

anyhoo shark suit or not, i sure hope me and hank can get together and play again soon.  i have not yet seen his poopie snakes although mom says they are little peanuts, which would be a nice addition to our collection. 

happy labor day monday and toodleydoo!
b. :)


Anonymous said...

Baxter, he is cute as a bug! I think he wore you out!

Lovable Lily said...

Squeeeeeee!!!!! We just think that Hank is totally adorb! We are following him on IG and love seeing his little cute face. We are so happy to see that Lulu's Mom has yet another to love. We sure do miss Lulu butt know she's looking down sending approval.

We think you and Hank are gonna get a lot of exercise when you get together.

Happy bitey, bitey!

Lily Belle & Muffin2046

Bludog said...

Wish I had gotten video this AM when Penny made a new friend - Lester, the GIANT Harlequin Great Dane! She intimated him into dropping her tennis ball that he had picked up, and then they took turns chasing each other. Glad B has a new friend. They must be tired boys this afternoon!