Friday, February 20, 2015

thursday was another snow day :)

hee hee now remember, mom, our foothold in the north is severely threatened by the early onset of winter. our men have only three weeks rations and a raven from castle black has indicated trouble is coming from beyond the wall.  our negotiations with little miss julia targaryen are critical and the utmost of secrecy and privacy must be upheld here in our camp. no one must know she is talking with us.

 oo, i think she is here.  will you please show her to the lovely heat cave we just finished for her,  whilst duk duk and i finish our nice cup of hot monkey chow cider? i will be along in just a minute...

mmm that's good chow...



remember, mom, do not under any circumstances listen in on our conversation.  the fate of two houses depends on the success of our negotiations.

...hee hee hee! no hit the right button and then hit the left button and..jump! juuuuump! ooo now dash..nice! oh u missed the golden ring but that's okay the giant should be along any minute and if u dash him u get like way more tear drops than...eeek - no, u fly by holding down on the jump button until u -

ummm, well mom, we plan 2 start our negotiations like, after we earn enough teardrops to buy the pink robot unicon attack armor.   does she really have to go home now?  :) 


Bludog said...

Julia is a girl, but see she does not have to standoverthere. And how is Cassie these days? Nice Julia-sized heat cave, by the way.

M&P said...

Oh my what a lucky little girl. Or is that a lucky little dog. That is a gorgeous heat cave.
Mr B. - is mom still making duds and is she now making heat caves? Maybe a selection of 10 on Etsyland next week.
Penny would love that. Except at bedtime she prefers my bed, as close to me as she can get. She scoots and scoots till I'm just hanging on the edge of the bed.

Anonymous said...

Wishy would totes love to have one
of those super cool heat caves! Any chance you are ever going to make any for sale? Baxter, you are one
lucky pup!

dawn and wishy

kalyxcorn said...

miss bludog, cassie is still as cassie as ever, which means waaay 2 excited 4 her - my - own good. and u see this way with her own heat cave, she can u know, sit over there. and i can too in case her heat cave gets warmer. which for some reason it does.

miss marene n penny and miss dawn n wishy, those heat caves take 4 ever 2 make. it would probably b impractical 2 ship the pvc u need. but maybe one day :)