Friday, June 26, 2015

we built an outdoor sink :)

A few months ago I was wandering around in the Habitat for Humanity Restore, minding my own business, when right there before my eyes was a Kohler stainless steel drop in sink.  Not just any sink, mind you, but one where one of the basins actually looked long enough to accommodate all of tiny chumley's enlongated cuteness without him having to curl into a donut.   And, it was only five dollars. Five dollars! Clearly, this was a message from the shopping gods. All I had to do come up with a plan,  wait for all the other stuff I needed to show up at the Restore and blammo, tiny chumley's make shift paw washing station would be upgraded to the ergonomic outdoor sink of my dreams.

Of course, it didn't quite work out that way.  Research and planning took forever, and apparently treated wood doesn't show up that often at our Restore, or galvanized pipe for that matter (though ebay does so, yay for pipe fittings by mail!).  And amongst other things, I learned you sometimes have to go to three different Lowes on three different days to find a working pipe cutter machine, a Kreg Jig really is handy, and friends with drill presses are indeed very valuable friends.  Yeah, the shopping gods didn't exactly give me a simple quick and easy project,  but what a super cool project it turned out to be. And yes...just in case you were wondering...

tiny chumley fits perfectly. :)

hee hee mom, since we are outside and all, after we wash my paws do u think it would okay if me and duk duk filled the sink all the way to the top and played 20000 poops under the sea? :) 


Jane said...

What a find for you and your Mom! You have needed this all along, right Baxter? Very nice bath station!

Anonymous said...

Very nice! How do you have the drain set up? Does it flow into just a bucket that you dump when you are done?

Kari S said...

That looks amazing! I really love it

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee yeppies miss jane. if i have to take a bath i may as well do it outside where u know, i can keep an eye on the stinky bassets next door. :)

mistermiss anonymous, yeppies it currently does that but when it gets cooler we might go ahead and run a pipe to the patio drain that just happens to be behind the sink :)

thank u miss kari! :)