Wednesday, August 5, 2015

baxter and duk duk's teeny tiny stories for little puppies: the little shark

The little shark knew that things would look very funny if people ever saw him. He was, after all, a ferocious shark, and he had traveled many miles from the safety of the ocean to seek the treasure that his tummy had promised would be there if he only looked hard enough.  And now here he was, guided by his tummy to the vacant den of a little wolf, searching for his delicious bounty.

boy, this place stinks of bubbles and poopie clouds, the little shark thought to himself as he sniffed about the little wolf's den, and some fruity smell i cannot exactly place.  kind of like gummy fish only...hmmmm... Before the little shark could finish his thought, he spied what he thought to be his prize and ferociously chomped down on it as all sharks must do, with his eyes rolled back and ears firmly pressed back against his head to protect them from the awesomely loud crunch crunch crunchy sounds of...wait, nothing?  sheesh!, the little shark proclaimed. Clearly the little wolf had already eaten all the good crunchy gut parts and was saving the rest of the duk for later.

The little shark's tummy gurgled as he continued to shark around the den.  He had never seen a land trebuchet before but knew from school that it bore similarities to his and his best seal friend dunt dunt's ocean trebuchet. mostly in the tension spring mechanism and the moment arm, he remembered, which his visit now confirmed to be one hundred percent true.  The little shark's tummy grumbled louder.

After chomping on every animal he found in the little wolf's den and finding them devoid of their precious crunchy guts, the little shark began to wonder exactly what it was his tummy thought he would find here.  And then he spied it. A delicious bone he figured that was probably half the size of his body when the little wolf first found it, now only a third of his size because the little wolf had been chomping on it.  And now it was the little shark's turn to make it disappear. :)