Friday, November 13, 2015

etsy fresh: 2016 super budgety dachshund desk calendar

dear diary, 
did u ever wonder what it might be like to  start the new year without me and duk duk's super cute and super budgety calendar sitting on your desk or windowsill?  me and duk duk wondered, and we realized it would not be very sunshiney at all. so we made sure we made a calendar just for u, and maybe whoever u might want to give one to :)

b :)

ps in case u are also wondering, next week sometime there will be a teeny tiny doxie treasure box doot and maybe a necklace doot. me and duk duk are trying very hard to get a lot of etsy things done before thanksgiving week so we can enjoy our visit from grandpa and grandma and eat lot and lots of food if u know what I mean :)


Nat said...

I love this calendar!! Will definitely be getting one. Aaaaaand watching for the tiny doot too!!!