Wednesday, December 9, 2015

a dog and a duk walk into a christmas party..

yeah i know it stinks, right, duk duk?  like, why even bother with a secret santa christmas party if has to be at a place where u have to dress up and be all serious and proper and stuff? no funny hats? no blinking glitter christmas sweaters? sheesh! and who knows if i will be even able to do the electric robot in this get up that mom made me. i guess that's what we get for not being able 2 hear what the girls on the class party planning committee were saying on account of them having to stand way over there.  and for not reading the meeting minutes or their gajillions of email. or u know, pretty much not participating in any capacity whatsoever.  but really who has time for any of that?   oops, we should probably keep an eye out - our ride should be here any minute now.

hee hee hee. at least the dress code did not say anything about wearing signage, right, duk duk?  :)




Anonymous said...

Naughty to the core little B. I like it. Hope santa doesn’t mind. Especially since I'm sure you probably have a long list for him to fill. Have fun at the party. Wally and b

Nat said...

Do you have a blinking glitter Christmas sweater??

Anonymous said...

Oh, Baxter, it's been a tough work day, but your humor lifted my spirits!

Litte Klaus' Mom