Wednesday, December 2, 2015

cyber brown Wednesday dootage :)

dear diary, 
sometimes when u juggle family time and makey time, as a shop owner u miss out on the usual doot times for this time of year. like, u know, Black Friday and cyber Monday and stuff like that. which is why me and duk duk thought it would be a good idea to come up with our own special shopiday, cyber brown Wednesday! this year, not only do we welcome the return of our first teeny tiny book, the poop on the stoop, plus its companion robot doxie poop ornament, but we will also be putting these pretty etched necklaces u see below up for adoption.  plus if we are able to make the listings in time,  possibly some more teeny tiny doxie treasure boxes, and a very special limited edition surprise which hopefully we can preview for u later today on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter. o and do not forget also our #everydollarcounts súper budgety dachshund desk calendar challenge which expires today, where just by simply ordering one calendar listing or the other, you can decide to whether to save a dollar, or donate that dollar u would have saved  to the organization that rescued me, dachshund rescue of North America. and speaking of rescues, me and duk duk also donated to the mwdr auction a very pretty enameled doxie necklace in a our very special new color - transparent French lavender purple! I know, there are so many chances for wooty, right? not to mention later this week we hope to finish enameling more necklaces and get them in the shop hopefully next week, in case u r unable to eBay bid on the mwdr one or if u miss out on our cyber brown litter. 

well diary, I do not know about you but I really am very excited about cyber brown Wednesday and I should probably go so I can help mom with a few things before we go to school. and I just, u know, need to check on something.

b :)

hee hee, o nothing mom.  u know I know that u know I know that u know that I know Santa knows that he knows I know. and I know that duk duk knows that he knows I know Santa knows duk duk knows. so really, even though I did not need to know, I just thought I would check and make sure they were all still there :)


Nat said...

More doots make Nat a happy doot purchaser!!! So very excited to adopt one of these BEAUTIFUL necklaces! I can't decide which one I want!!

Marley said...

Lady likes the necklaces. I like your advent calendar! I am suggesting to Lady she put bones in the pockets instead of that...angel. I was going to say something else but my secretary would just edited it out. Anyway, Cyber Brown Wednesday is cool.