Friday, December 18, 2015

thank u please

 wait wait, okay I'm ready, mom...
Dear Miss Saundra, Cocoa n Emmy,
Thank you for the lovely and very funny holiday towels. Not only was it very thoughtful but I really like the detailed embroidery on it and it will be a perfect merry addition to greet our guests in the power room of me and duk duk's heat cave.  Also, I really really appreciate that u did not include any cooties on them.  I know it must be difficult, Cocoa and Emmy, on account of your naturally having lots and lots of cooties, but you did a wonderful job standing over there and me and duk duk thank u for that as well. 
Your Grateful Friend, Baxter. :)


okay, mom, i finished my thank u to miss saundra n cocoa n emmy. now can i have the treats they sent me? 

please? :) :)