Wednesday, March 23, 2016

please don't chomp the toesies

okay, mom, u may photograph my ferocious wolf arm and paw, but please, do not chomp the toesies :)


Sharon O said...

the best (and shiniest) little frito toes!

April Martin said...

Cute little Wolf Paws

Anonymous said...

What a very pretty wolf arm and pedicured paw.

Little Klaus' Mom

Tessa said...

Hey Baxter,

my little friend who's from the same family as you had to take a doggy 'calm me down' pill before going to a professional pedicureroar (the vet) and she had to put a teensy accessory on to get the job done (a muzzle). He was very angry when we got home but I just kept saying, 'look, now you have nice toe nails like Baxter' and then he felt a little better.

Love Tessa (Worsie's mom. He is an Afrikaans doggy. 'Worsie' means 'little sausage' in Afrikaans.)

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee why thank u miss sharon and miss april and miss little klaus's mom :) :)

wow miss tessa, it sounds like worsie is already a tried and true ferocious wolf! do u know how to say poop in afrikaans by any chance? :)