Friday, April 1, 2016

plans within plans

hee hee, yep u got us mom! we were totally trying to april fool u into believing we would actually want 2 read something, but in retrospect i guess it was a pretty lame-o idea bc u know us so well. hey, speaking of well, well i guess me and duk duk will put everything away and maybe we will just lie here in the nice warm sun for a while.  so, if u do not mind, maybe me and duk duk will catch up with u in the sewing room in, o, i dunno, maybe a few hours?. :)

(...annnd, she's gone!  phew! okay, duk duk,  let's hurry up and do this!)

"Danny Dunn and the Homework Machine", by jay williams and raymond abrashkin.  boy u r right, duk duk,  finally, i think we have found a book worth reading.  i sure hope it comes with technical drawings, dontchoo? :)


Teddy said...

I like your glasses. Hope you have a good day reading. I am just learning.

Jane said...

Baxter, you and duk duk are always up to something. But I bet mom was not fooled by you two. Moms always seem to be a step ahead of mischief makers. I hope ya'll learn something from the book that will help speed up your homework! 😃