Wednesday, April 6, 2016

#trueWolfStories as reenacted to friends (part 1) she finally comes back to the deck and by now i'm at the door waiting to for someone to open it and i'm like, 'hmom, hlooky!! hno hinner hfor hme hthankth cuth i cauth hmine! hcan hyou pleeth hopen hthe hdoor hnow htho i can heath hit inthide hon hmy hthnackie blankee?'  

only i do not think she could hear a word i said over all that screaming.  then,  when she finally stops and tells me to u know what...

..i'm like, 'hrop it? harr hyou hidding hme??'  but i do,  because i thought maybe she just wanted come close and see it better because really who would not want to see that, right? especially since otherwise i am pretty sure all she could see were tiny feet sticking out, what with my mouth being so ferocious and wolfy big.

anyhow,  i dropped it, but she stayed where she was standing and she called me to come to her which i'm like, well, okay, duk duk's inside and none of the dopeys are out, so yeah, sure, let's go get dad bcuz i bet he will want to see it too.
so mom carries me to the front where dad was mowing the lawn and she blah blah blahs then dad blah blah blahs and then we all go back to admire it but dad gets the shovel and next thing i know and long story short, no bunny stew for dinner ...


...but yeppies.. (ptoo)... thank u, blinky,  for volunteering to help me with my reenactment and maybe now if u could just lie still on the plate i brought for just another minute,  just so everybuddy can get a feel for size, yes?  yes like, oh yes like that... now, where was i? oh i know! what happens a week later.... (to be continued) :)


shortoldlady said...

Poor Baxter - SOOOOOOO not appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Baxter, are you telling all your loyal fans that you
are a MIGHTY HUNTER!?! I'm so impressed with all your
wolfy hunting skills. Can't wait for your continuing

Little Klaus' Mom

Sharon O said...

OK - I'm back from changing after laughing so hard . . . I really appreciated the original photo being presented in the manner it was - since I know we're talking about the circle of life and the food chain and all that - but your description just made it all OK - and I think your real meal was probably much better for you and much better for mom since she didn't have to clean up the mess.

Anonymous said...

Its tough being a wolf in an urban environment. So under appreciated. Don't give up though...... Wally & B

JillScoggins said...

Poor bunny. But that's what happens when you invade the wolf's territory.

kalyxcorn said...

hee hee so true miss shortoldlady.

well miss little klaus's mom, in a word, #yeppies. :)

hee hee but i was really looking forward to throwing it up in bed, miss sharon. there's nothing like a nice midnight snackie in bed, especially bunny stew. :)

thanks wally n b a wolf will keep trying.

and that too is very true miss jill. i really do not understand why bunnies think they are safe in my yard. maybe me and duk duk should expand the poopie snake museum and open the doors at night so the bunnies can smell the wolfiness. :)