Wednesday, May 11, 2016

rampy time

A pair of ramps for the little kielbasa have been the priority in makey world, a project that I hope will ease the stress on a tiny ferocious little wolf's body and expand his world while keeping us safe from trips over the gates we would otherwise use to restrict encounters with steps and stairs. The rundown on the pair of ramps goes something like this - 
2 - 3 ft-ish x 11" wood boards from Habitat Restore ($1.50)
3 - 2x2 carpet squares from Ollies ($6.00)
Double sided carpet tape from Lowes ($6.00)

Stuff I already had on hand (misc wood for rails and support joists, primer paint, sanding stuff, random screws)

Stuff I thought I had on hand but had to buy (wood putty $3, finish coat paint which was sadly $17 bc I couldn't find white high gloss at the Restore and store samples are only offered it seems in satin finish)

Cutting and building Labor from tiny chumley's Unkie D who happens to be visiting us (priceless)

With any luck, these ramps will be of good use for many years to come, once tiny chumley is completely healed from his most recent bout with pain and other things that keep a wolf from feeling completely like himself. :) 

ooo mom, I know I am still healing but maybe this weekend me and duk duk can still use my new ramps and we can play poopsie daisy on them? :) :)


Anonymous said...

What a nice uncle you have, Baxter! Be sure to use your ramp(s) all the time so that you will be back to your healthy self very soon. Thanks to a friend, little Klaus now has a little set of steps to get on and off the family room couch. However, he don't always use them!!

Little Klaus and his Mom

Anonymous said...

Wow that looks great Mr. B. Such talented people you have around you. Wonder if there should be a light source so mom and big boyfriend don't go whoopsie daisy in the night? Now you use that Mr. B !

Sharon O said...

yep, yep, yep - - - climb EVERY mountain(ramp) and keep that poop-chute bumper in tip top form.

Betsy Moss said...

Looks great, I so hope he will be back to normal before you know it. Love this blog