Friday, June 17, 2016

art of deflection :)

hee hee, yeah they are so cool, right duk duk? I wish we did not promise mom that we would wait until she got back home before we could play with them. 

I mean, technically right now I am only trying them on so that is not playing with them. nopies, nosiree. just trying them on. 

and technically, we are not playing only trying them out. and super technically, this is not me going rawwwr rawwwr and holding u in a ferocious crusher claw and pincer grip. because I am a wolf and wolves do not have -  

whoops.  why hello, mother. it is so nice to see u again. I did not hear the door open else I would have enthusiastically greeted you as I always do. did u see the poopie snake I made u? u passed it on the way in and it is a doozy! 

(ickquay ukday ukday, ovemay ackbay otay ymay idesay ndaay iay illway rytay otay seuay ymay owerspay foay eflectionday erhay enwhay eshay omescay ackbay)

oh u did not find it? o that is right, I forgot. dad took me out and I pooped outside. other than that, we have not been doing very much really, besides looking at facebooky and texting and stuff. did u maybe get anything supercool from tj maxx or homegoods while u were out? :) 


Jane said...

You are a sneaky little one Baxter. 😊

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen heard or used that in years, decades actually. Had to think about it.

Lovable Lily said...

We wanna come to Lobsterfest!

Lily Belle & Muffin