Friday, June 24, 2016

runway ramp art

hee hee, over the river and up the ramp to - wait, what's that, mom?  why yes, i did notice the super cool painting u scored at the thrift store and even though all the art is stylistically different, i think it works really with the other artwork here on this wall   i like the colors, and the texture, and yes i agree hanging it upside down makes way more sense than hanging up right side up. and, well, i would really like to stay and talk about it more, but me and duk duk have to - well, okay, mom, but we have to make it snappy because the duk duks will be back from the creek any minute now with the u know whats and then we need to go over to little miss julia's to work on our next video project and then we have to set up for tonitey nite's super duk duk robot rave disco party extravaganza which as u know will require over fifty bags of gummy worms and eleventy gallons of energy punch which we really need to start making now so it will have time to ferment and get all fizzy and - what's that? oh yes, right, we really should get that picture taken.  u said a serious pose, right? okay, i think i can do this in one take. r u ready?...

let me just turn my head and...limburger cheeeeze!! 

hee hee, okay mom i love u smell u later bye bye!! :)



Anonymous said...

Work that runway like you own it Mr. B - ttfn Wally & B