Wednesday, July 20, 2016

etsy fresh: hello my friend summer fun postcard ocho pack :)

dear diary,
sometimes the best of plans gets pooped on by factors outside your control. like me and duk duk's latest top secret, very ferocious rainbow Smelly project for our etsy shop?  totally rescheduled to the cooler shipping months of fall. because, well, i cannot tell you much about that on account of our product being top secret.  but, we are happy to tell you that in the meanwhile,  we restocked mom's shop with our  first Smelly project, the tiny reed diffuser ambient aroma experience set! so if u missed out or if u just realized u had more places to smell that u originally thought, or maybe if u realized a friend might like or need one too, or were maybe u were wondering what falcon burps and wolf paws smell like, now is the time to score it.

 oh! and, if your summer has been kind of going like ours and if it's not been one thing it's another and next thing u know here it is the middle of summer and u haven't even crossed off a third of your summer fun list yet?  well, maybe it is time to put away that list and just have some simple ez-pz fun.  like, well, u know, besides sniffing our tiny diffuser set, maybe u want to catch up with family and friends by sending them a cute hello. or, maybe u can ez-pz redecorate your personal space like we did for mom, with the super cool cards from the special new set we just added to our shop, the  hello my friend summer fun postcard ocho pack.  we call it ocho  because u get eight, and it includes seven of the gifty postcards we have sent out in the past with our orders, plus a super cool new one that me and duk duk made just for this set. i like to think of the ocho pack as a study in wolfiness, because this set of postcards pretty much shows me from when i was a little red wigglepup, all the way thru to the wolf that i am today. but whether or not u display them in chronological order or jumble them to meet some other design criteria, or whether or not u send them to friends or keep them, or maybe write some friends and keep some postcards? well whether or not u do any of that is entirely up to you. which is just how summer should be.

well diary, it has been fun catching up with you and i hope u will consider enjoying the new goods we put in mom's kalyxcraftopia etsy shop,  but i regretfully must bid u adieu so me and duk duk can call chocobot and convince him to come home before thor comes thru yesterday's rainbow portal  and gives us a hard time about the whole poopin a loki and thor me shebang.  it is not even really that we are concerned that his visit is justified or that he might use his hammer on us, so much as it is his breath stinks way more than u think it would cuz he's like, a zillion years old, and pretty much the only thing u can do to keep from passing out is hope that he doesn't realize the only reason u have a unicorn in the room is to hope that your unicorn will rainbow foofie just enough to neutralize said breath without him noticing else he might get provoked into a super long monologue about respect and power and blah blah blah and then you're like, okay, thor, please, keep going but we've been talking so long i really need to make a poopie snake so i will be right back. but when you're outside you're like, uh oh, dang, feels like i got a loki hangin. but u can't ask your dad to thor me with thor around, so u walk back in all dainty like hoping thor won't notice your dingly dangly or the o-d-o-r.   which u actially gte away with but just as thor's wrapping up,  your mom walks in and she's like, two sniffs in the air and says, hey, who pooped a loki?? and where's that incredibly foul breathy smell coming from? and then we all get thored by thor some more.

b :)


Anonymous said...

Maybe you need to get out and play poopkemon go or something. Wally and b