Wednesday, August 10, 2016

pirate quality assurance

..hee hee, okay duk duk take your time getting the shipping box from the garage because this pirate's gotta arrrrrr! arrrrrr! arrrrrrr! arrrrrrr! arrr-

oh why, hello, mother.  yes, do not worry me and duk duk promise to pack and ship this special order puppy pirate hat out today. I was just testing it to make sure the puppy could still wear it even when he is full grown.  see? it may not be as big as our regular sized hat, but it is still equally adorable, dontchoo think, mom?  :) 

(psst - if you are interested in getting an adorable pirate hat for your tiny tennis ball sized noggin wolf, tiny chumley and  I made two extra and they can be found in the shop in the links below)


Jane said...

Yes Baxter, it is adorable!! The model is too. :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing like a good arrrrrrfgh in the morning ta get the pirate in yer blood a goin' aye Captain Baxter! Wally and B

Jessi Lashakmitis said...

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