Friday, September 2, 2016

thank u miss Debbi

the hmmmm. left eye. right eye. left eye. right eye. both eyes...left eye. right eye...left eye... 

yeppies dukduk, even though the dizzy is kind of nice, I think maybe for now I should just put my old ones on so we can read the letter miss Debbi included with our lovely package. 

oh yes I can see one hundred and threeventy nine percent better now. left eye. right eye. left eye. both eyes. yup totally better. okay, where were we?

dear Baxter and, o I see, mm-hmm mm-hmm, love miss Debbi! oh how swell - that was really really nice of miss Debbi to send us these super cool goodies. my neck feels better already. doesn't yours duk duk? 

well okay be that way. but u know I know u know I know u know whose fault that was and u know what they say about wolves and full moons anyway. it is not my fault u did not get the memo. 

what's that? oh yeah we should totally ask her...

mooom - if we promise to write miss Debbi a thank u note tonitey nite after we finish our chores, may we please go ahead and play with the cards and eat the snackies she sent us? :) 


Anonymous said...

It is important to have good eyesight otherwise you would not be able to see intruders like rabbits and squirrels and such. A wolf must be ever on alert. Wally and b

Anonymous said...

Ooooo cards!! How cool. Hope to see you playing in the future. Who will be your fourth? Take care Mr. B.