Wednesday, October 26, 2016

saving Halloween (part 1)

boy, it sure seemed like a good idea at the time to agree with mom about letting her off the hook for making us our costumes because her freezy shoulder really put a wrench in our makey schedule for this year, but here we are 5 days before halloween and we've got zilcho for costumes and no plan at all on how we will  replenish our winter candy reserves... i finally understand why bears and dick proenneke work so hard every summer getting ready for winter.  mom even bought some random chocolate candy to hand out this year that I cannot even eat because I am a wolf and u know what they say about wolves and chocolate. yep that's right, a whole lotta nopies. 

what's that, chocobot? oh, that's right, u n lil pink puppy weren't here were u? mom will not let us use her credit card anymore on account of the all the u know whats we ordered. how were we supposed to know we were not allowed raise an army of sea monkeys in mom n dad's bathtub? they never use it anyway and really, we only forgot to feed them one day. but ANYWAY...i wonder...i wonder...

o i know! our poop mushie fund! it will not be enough to buy us all costumes but between what stuff we have here and what we might find at the thrifty store, we might be able to save Halloween after all!  okay, just let me get my sad eyes on and then I will ask her..okay...

momma, will u pleas take us to the thrifty store after school today? :)


Anonymous said...

That's a whole lot of contemplating going on there. I hope you vet some good ideas at the thrift shop. They have so many cool things there. Wally and b

Jane said...

Baxter, I bet you and your friends will come up with something very good. I am thinking Mom will also help because she won't let you down. Halloween has always been a big thing for you.
p.s. You look very cute today in thinking mode. :)

Anonymous said...

Worried about momma dog and that shoulder.
What to do what to do.
Halloween will come again. Just do like I do.
Pull the blinds, turn out the lights and snuggle
In bed with Penny. Love ya Mr. B.