Friday, October 7, 2016

wolf island

dear diary,
earlier this week, mom and dad took me to the beach, and needless to say we all had a lot of fun.  it was mostly a delicious eating trip, but we also got some quality beach time walkies in and it is very amazing what a difference a day makes. in fact, i wish duk duk could have come with us instead of choosing to go with chocobot and lulu the tiger and lil pink puppy to the land of make believe (which is very real than u very much, but not very accommodating to ferocious wolves because, well u know, ferocious. plus really where can u hide from a ferocious wolf when all the castles and forts and even the best hiding places are made of edible pink sparklepuff?).  anyhow, like i was saying i wish duk duk could have come with us as i am pretty certain we could have gotten him to fly on the second day we were there on account of the hurricane coming even though it was still pretty far off. plus parking was free because all the meters were wrapped up, so we could have stayed as long as we wanted to.
but even without duk duk and even with the hurricane coming, the beach was still a very nice place to visit and walk on because all that salty air can really clear a wolf's head and help him think and stink.
so, even though our stay at the beach was very brief, all in all we had a very lovely time. in fact, there is pretty much only one thing i wish could be just a little different, if only for just like, oh, thirty seven seconds...

hee hee, okay so i will probably be posting more about my visit on instagram and facebook later because now me and duk duk have to study for the test we have in ten minutes. i hope u have a wonderful day, diary.

b. :)