Wednesday, November 30, 2016

cyber brown wednesday is today and there will be two doots :)

dear diary,
today is the day me and duk duk have been waiting for forever as far as cyber brown wednesday goes, and so I thought I would show u the things we will be putting in our shop today and tell you that we will be doing it in two doots, one in the mid morning during our lunchy lunch, and one in the late evening so that way we can stay up late and have a midnight snackie.

there are plenty of things i would like to tell you about our doots, but really we spent so much time writing our listings that i am pooped.  but i do want to tell u that even if u do not score a three wise poops, i hope that u might take the time to read one of those listings because we included an early draft excerpt from the companion book we hope to be working on soon (but probably not soon enough for christmas because seriously, after this we really have to focus on making at least a few christmas ornaments like we promised).

anyhow, i hope u had a wonderful thanksgiving and a dootiful day, and like i like to tell duk duk every day after third period when we have to split up for gym class, "smell u later my friend!"


PS - here is a link to my mom's etsy shop where u will find everything at the appointed times (or at least close to it bc the first time we will have to hunt and peck thru our listings to make sure the right ones are activated.)

PPS - if u missed out on a regular teeny weenie christmas tree or are looking for a block one please do not worry we will be making more eventually :)


Anonymous said...

Those are absolutely beautiful little b. I am sure that they will sell out in no time. Wally and b