Wednesday, November 2, 2016

kalyx craft opia :)

hee hee, yeah, duk duk, my head is still spinning too. and we have not even eaten today's candy serving yet.  i am not really certain mom understands the likelihood of our being able to satisfactorily complete our soap packaging task given our post-halloween candy consumption schedule for the next few weeks. i mean, we used math and everything to figure out precise and increasing dosages of candy to get us buzzier and buzzier until finally, hopefully by thanksgiving, we can stuff our tummies til they burst and glide straight into a post-feastocalyptic coma. state of which hopefully will make most of december bearable until, yay christmas! 

anyhow, i guess we should get on with things.  this first impression we made with our new custom wax stamp turned out pretty nice, didn't it?but maybe we should move it over here and....oh, yeah, i see your point.  how did i not even think of that first? okay, let me ask her...

mom, did u happen to buy any brown wax by any chance? :)


Anonymous said...


You are such a pretty redhead that I would think maybe a burnt umber would be more in line. Don't you think so?

Little Klaus and his Mom

Anonymous said...

And a stamp that looks like a poopiesnake...... I see your plan..... Brilliant! Wally and B

Linda B said...

omg that stamp! fabulous! :)

Anonymous said...

Neato cool stamp !!