Wednesday, November 16, 2016

under the bus

no,mom, i do not think duk duk needs a bath anymore than i d-oooOOOooooOooOooooOoo! um, u know, he has been a little smellier than usual. is that snackie for menu any chance?? :)

(psst - if u missed out on our last #teenyweeniexmastreeevent we are planning another megadoot this friday november 18th at 8:00 pm eastern standard time and will also have some secret and surprise mini doots whenever too so be on the lookout! and, if u r wondering if we will be making a weenie ornament for the tree, the answer is yeppies but it will not debut til after thanksgiving for easily foreseen but ultimately inevitable reasons. and they will probably be in very limited supply this year bc we really want to take our time making each and every one :) )


Lynn Werner said...

I so love these trees...hoping I can get one during the up coming doot!!!

Nat said...

Baxter!! This is soooo exciting!! Another doot AND teeny tiny ornaments for the tree?!?! We can't wait!!

M&P said...

Oh boy I'll be exercising my fingers. Poor you.

Henry said...

You are too cute, beautiful eyes :)
Thank you for sharing!