Monday, November 7, 2016

wooty wednesday :)

dear diary,
something tells me that after this tuesday, no matter how things turn out, we all will be ready for a major dose of fun.  so me and duk duk have decided to officially offer our first batch of super cool teeny weenie christmas trees on what we will be calling Wooty Wednesday.  and, because we know how different people are able to log on at different times, we will be splitting our litter into two, and half of our puppy trees will be available in our kalyxcraftopia  Etsy shop at 4:00PM EST, and the other half will be available at 11:00PM EST.

 here is a peek at all we made so far and looky, we have decorated trees and plain trees and short trees and tall trees in every pretty combination u can think of!  and, if u squint very closely, u can see that all our tree puppies have teeny tiny swarovski crystal red noses. except for the im just a teeny weenie on a stand ones, which can still come with a red crystal nose if u order it that way because me and duk duk decided to try and test out using the variation feature on that listing.

speaking of trying out new things, we also converted a lot of our items including our teeny weenie trees to use calculated shipping, which hopefully will improve the accuracy of the shipping charge for your order.  but if for some reason it is still wonky, rest assured me and duk duk will refund the shipping overage when your package is mailed.

okay, so, i should probably go because we still have a lot of work to do.

b. :)

ps - while u r waiting please feel free to browse our extensive dachshund cute christmas and holiday cards and see if u can spot our latest card too! (hint, think me + rudolph) :)


Anonymous said...

I think the whole world will need a rootin' tootin' hooty who whootie Wednesday! You lead the charge. Your teeny wieny Christmas tree ornaments are absolutely adorable. Wally and b

Anonymous said...

So, there is the compressed or glued wood. Lots of teeny tiny cutting me thinks. Anyway Mr. B they sure are good lookin'. Can hardly wait. Let's see with the time change I'm not sure when to look. I guess I'll just have to watch etsy alllll day. Here's to good shopping!!

Nat said...

These are so great!! We want all of them. :)