Saturday, December 24, 2016

twas the day before christmas :)

whoa, chocobot, i think u r right. no wonder all the little puppies were so pokey.  i'd go slow too cuz i mean really, u know what they say. smelly is as smelly does. and puppies - no offense lil pink puppy - but at that age, puppies really do not know their snakeys from their swirlies..

and look at that ferocious crow, he's all like, "haw haw, what a bunch of maroons. now u have nothing to put on your stoop!"..wait, what's that, lulu the tiger?  yeah i smell it, too.  let me ask her.

mom, how much longer do we have to read quietly and when it is finished cooling, may we each please have a slice of buttered cherry almond angel bread? :)


Jane said...

Merry Christmas to Baxter and your little friends and mom and dad! You look so festive in that little green sweater which is a great color for you too. Have fun with your presents and some good eats, hopefully the angel bread. :)
Jane and Sambo

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Mr. B. to you and your family. Lots of love and family. I bet Santa will be real good to you all. You're all so very good all year long. Have a happy day.
As always, kisses Mr. B.