Wednesday, December 7, 2016

words with friends :)

hee hee oh yeah duk duk, that makes three jillion eleventy threeve for the both of us! okay, fork over another p and two o's..or maybe a p and an e. orrrr maybe a..oh i see it, an s and an a and a k and an e. or two f's and an o and and i and an e.  but really let's go with the p and the two o's for the win.

wait, what? nothing? u have got 2 be kidding me. how are we supposed to spell anything??

mooom, i hope u saved the receipt because think this new game u gave us is totally defective. :) 



Anonymous said...

Definitely defective! You can't even make the word foodie! Where's the fun in that. Wally and b.

Nat said...

And what about foofie??!