Wednesday, January 4, 2017

little contractors

see mom? even with all of us inside we still totally have room for the mini fridge and the tv nobuddy uses in the guest bedrooom. and, if u approve our west wing addition plans, we can start work today to have a separate power line installed because i am pretty sure the stadium lighting will really stress the capacity of the circuit we currently share with george and your iron  :)


Jane said...

Baxter, I am pretty sure that you and your friends have the best little dog bed around. Agree?

Anonymous said...

Ambitious plans little B. With all that in your castle Mom would never see you because you would never want to leave. Maybe it is better to spend time with family and be outside? Wally and B

Anonymous said...

You are the king of your castle. Sweet baby boy.

Anonymous said...

Besides being such an adorable little guy you also have a very creative mind, Baxter! Where, oh where, do you get your ideas?......Don't tell little Klaus, he has enough of his own ideas already.

Little Klaus' Mom Krista