Monday, January 9, 2017

little pink fuzzy wolf secrets :)

well, yes, mom, this one is really nice and i appreciate u making it for me from sleeve u cut from the cashmere sweater u got at the thrift store but...well...hang on...

nopies he's not over there...

...aaaand okay, i think the coast is clear...

so, do u think u can maybe make me a onesie with footies from the pink fuzzy angora sweater that i saw u also got from the thrifty store? and, u know, we can just hide i mean keep it in your and dad's bed and i can wear it when we snuggle in the mornings? :)


Anonymous said...

I think you need to model these things a bit more so we can see how dapper you look in these creations. Wally and b

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, little wolfie dachshunds do get chilly on cold winter days. Who can say no to your request for a warm little pink onesie, dear Baxter!?

Little Klaus and his Mom Krista

Anonymous said...

Redheads wear pink quite well I think.
Your Mom is so good with the sewing
machine and serger. You be a good boy and
I bet she will. I don't think I remember one
With feetsies. Did u get snow? Must keep those
Rosie's warm when you come in from outside.
Kisses Mr. B. XOXO