Wednesday, February 1, 2017

payment in full

I love that tiny chumley still brings me the random shoe and every other little thing he finds on the floor that he thinks might warrant a snackie.  And, here's a secret he's pretty much learned over the years, practically everything he finds and brings to me is fungible, though some of things he brings are worth better snackies than others. It's a system that works pretty well most days.  I haven't bent completely down to pick up a fallen receipt, a pen, or napkin in years, though my pile of mismatched socks has grown as they get brought to me one by one when he finds them, taking them to wherever I might be in the house, and I, of course, mindlessly leaving them up somewhere out of tiny wolf reach so he doesn't encounter them again.

Sometimes, we have to call a truce,  so a little wolf can take a nap by george or protect his lands, and so I can relieve myself of the concerns that he might hurt himself dragging something entirely too unwieldy my way.  And so our system is paused for a while, both of us knowing full well there will always something else for tiny chumley to find on the floor, that he can readily exchange for payment in full :)


Jane said...

Baxter being a good helper as always. :)

M&P said...

Give him an extra snackie for me please.
Most adorable boy I know. I only know by
video and pictures.

Anonymous said...

Baxter is just so sweet and adorable!

Little Klaus and his Mom Krista