Monday, March 20, 2017

thanks mister jim :)

hee hee hee. omg, duk duk, can u believe how wonderful our friends are? i mean, how lucky are we that mister jim would send this to us before we even knew we it was something we would want? which trust me, if i knew u knew i knew we knew we wanted it, santa would have totally heard about it by now. but mister jim is even better than santa because it's like, he pretty much knows what we would enjoy without our having to be good all year or write a letter or anything like that. and we do not even have 2 wait til christmas. yessiree, that's what real friends are all about.

it's too bad today's monday and we have to go to school because i can just smell all the fun we would have today - what's that, duk duk?

hmmm, o yes, i see the truth of it. i mean, it's the least we can do, right? it's practically our civic duty. let me ask her...

mom, (cough cough) me and duk duk both seem to be coming down with something and rather than infecting everyone at school, do u think we could stay home today?? :)


Anonymous said...

Koodoo's on the Poo doughs! May the stink be with you! Wally and B