Friday, May 12, 2017

wolf and wolverine

...well, okay mom... i do not really want to say anything more about it after i say it out loud, but yeppies, it was the mousey trap in the garage.

but after u kiss my boo boo to make it better, and u let duk duk back in the room, can we please stick with the wolverine story? :)


Anonymous said...

The lure of peanut butter? Cheese?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the nose goes where it shouldn't. I'm sure mom's kisses will make you forget all about it! Wally and B

Anonymous said...

Oh, Baxter! sweet little boy. Just like a dachshund to have your cute little nose where it shouldn't be.

Nosey Klaus' Mom Krista

Jane said...

Oh no Baxter! I hope it wasn't too painful.