Wednesday, June 14, 2017

nightmare on cootie street

dear diary,
the  birthday party for little miss julia was really fun except for the part where i thought it was also my lucky day because i found a nice bone to chew on, which i did til somebuddy mentioned that it was probably cassie's and she had pretty much already slobbered all over it and i was like, "bleah, does anyone have any listerine handy?"

anyhoo, i guess it is just as well because now that i am all gunked up with cooties, i get to stay home and help mom get ready for our saturday double doot matinee at 11am EST.  i hope to tell you more about it on friday and show u some pictures but basically it will be a combination of a new tiny batch of tiny remembering books and more super awesome leather clippies !

b. :)


Jane said...

Hi Baxter, how were you to know the bone was not for just you, right? I am not familiar with your leather clippes. I will be sure and check them out. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, now that you are all stuffed up with cooties, we think you are now immune to the little critters and can go anywhere without a worry. What do you think? Klaus and I still think that you secretly like Cassie (hee hee).

Little Klaus and his Mom Krista

Lisa Stock said...

Sounds like a certain..big & hairy Cassie girl was setting you up with boobie traps. Thats ok, build up your immune system to them and watch her shock when her cooties have no effect on you anymore.