Friday, June 9, 2017

said the bee to the wolf

the little dachshund waited patiently while his buzzy bee friend pondered this most unusual request. most ferocious beasts, the bee thought to himself, would simply ransack his home and eat all his honey. and most ferocious beasts would do so without even bothering to ask.

o-beeeeez k-beeez, said the bee to the wolf. bzzzut do so gentlyzzz ozzzerwize myzzz butt zzzzmight stingzz you.

yippee!! squeaked the wolf in a most gleeful fashion. thank you so much and do not worry, mister bee, i may be a ferocious wolf now, but i was once a little dachshund and when i was very little, my mom taught me manners. in fact, see? look how daintily i hold my paw as i take my first gentle lick of your superdelicous bee butt. :)