Tuesday, July 25, 2017

art of (wolf) war

hee hee nodukkie gets out of the ferocious wolf hold until he fesses up and admits to - pheeeeeeew! hey no fair, duk duk! u just released a class five stink defense on a class one offense position and u know what that means. some dukkie is gonna get a serious pound- oh hang on i think mom is calling...

oh yes mom, me and duk duk will work on our fart fair listings shortly. we just need 2 finish something first. :)

ps - in addition to our fine art at our f(ine)art fair, me and duk duk also hope to be offering a few more teeny weenie christmas trees so if u missed out or need to add more to your collection, stay tuned for the 10am est doot on friday :)